Lesser known aphrodisiacs

Lesser known aphrodisiacs


If you’re deciding to stay in this Valentine’s Day and preparing to cook your own meal you may want to pick a few of these foods to give your that added spark. These less-popular aphrodisiacs will surely give you and your partner an added boost of energy and happiness on the day of love.

Pine Nuts

Sprinkle a few pine nuts over a savory meal of lamp or chicken or even put some in your salad. You can even include these in baking. Add them to any cookie dough or substitute pine nuts for walnuts in the next loaf of banana bread.These nuts are high in zinc and have been known to boost male endurance. 



If you buy ripe or fresh figs don’t be surprised if the flavor resembles a flower. However, figs are most commonly eaten with a bit of balsamic vinegar drizzled over the top. You can even add the figs into a chocolate tart or some other chocolate based baked good.



Ginger has been a food held on high since antiquity for its medicinal properties. Although ancient medicine men had difficulties determining just how eating ginger benefited us, we now know that the root helps our circulation flow better throughout our body. Most often used in Asian dishes and stir frys, the sharp kick of ginger is a perfect ingredient to add to your romantic night.



Asparagus naturally contains calcium, potassium, and vitamin E, pretty much love potion number nine. Back in the day, before French couples wed, they ate asparagus in order to get ready for the big night.