They Draw and Cook

They Draw and Cook

This is THE website to browse for your cooking and entertainment needs.

Love food? Love art? Then you’ll surely love They Draw and Cook, a website where people who A. love to draw or create art and B. love to cook share their two passions! I have been following the blog for a couple of years now, and I’ve only grown to be more and more impressed with it.

This is unlike any other food blog you’ve run across. Everything is conveyed in a very whimsical, artistic fashion, with very few words and a lot of visuals. It’s more like poetry than a recipe, with no wasted, unnecessary words used. And really, if we’ve learned anything, shouldn’t that be how recipes should be—how food itself is?

Today’s featured recipe, for example, is a drink called Come Hell or High Water. It is, of course, featured inside a giant cocktail glass, which is garnished with fruit and a straw. The ingredients are mainly what is listed—drinks are easier that way, sure, but it’s something so simple yet fun. It’s a recipe that will stick with you, as are the rest of the recipes on the site.I know when I try to cook something from a recipe I find online, it can end in disaster. I have to keep running back to my laptop, or I have to jot it down really quickly before cooking it, and I still mess it up! I actually burned brown butter sauce last night, which made the house smell just gorgeous, let me tell you… But these recipes are so simple and their visuals help them stick in your head, making them that much easier to remember and, hopefully, execute.

I am thinking that They Draw and Cook should have their own Food Network program where chefs have to duke it out on both the drawing board and in the kitchen! How much fun would that be for us visual people? Of course, there are plenty of other things to enjoy at the They Draw and Cook website, from their cookbook (fun!) to their collection “cards” users can browse through, featured artists and their projects, and more.

And if you want to submit your own recipe decked out in artistic glory, here’s something to sweeten the pot: every month one submitter will receive $100 just for impressing the site’s owners with his or her creativity and awesome recipe. You don’t have anything to lose, so why not?