August 2012

They Draw and Cook

This is THE website to browse for your cooking and entertainment needs.

Love food? Love art? Then you’ll surely love They Draw and Cook, a website where people who A. love to draw or create art and B. love to cook share their two passions! I have been following the blog for a couple of years now, and I’ve only grown to be more and more impressed with it.

This is unlike any other food blog you’ve run across. Everything is conveyed in a very whimsical, artistic fashion, with very few words and a lot of visuals. It’s more like poetry than a recipe, with no wasted, unnecessary words used. And really, if we’ve learned anything, shouldn’t that be how recipes should be—how food itself is?

Today’s featured recipe, for example, is a drink called Come Hell or High Water. It is, of course, featured inside a giant cocktail glass, which is garnished with fruit and a straw. The ingredients are mainly what is listed—drinks are easier that way, sure, but it’s something so simple yet fun. It’s a recipe that will stick with you, as are the rest of the recipes on the site.